Thursday, October 11, 2007

Natural Thin Veneer

This is the result of 2.5 days of work - one stinking column! I had a friend show me how to do this for the first half day. It then took a full day on Sat and Sun to finish the column.

Because I am doing the "dry stack" look and this is a column, I have to trim or grind almost every stone. I am pleased with the results

Other than this, it's really just been small projects. I have the railings up on the front and back decks, but don't have the cables in yet. Other than that there have been some small projects inside.

The reason I am finally jumping on this masonry is that I need to get the pallets of stone out of the garage because that's where the pontoon boat goes in the Winter.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Front Porch Steps

With family coming into town this weekend, we have been really busy wrapping up some of the bigger undone items. We are still far from done, but these porch steps were a big thing to get out of the way.
I am guessing that folks will either say "Cool!" or "Yuck!".
The form and function behind these steps are as follows: The "form" is to tie into my design goal of "contemporary craftsman". The "function" is that since we are in WI, they don't need to be shoveled, only stomp your boots clean.

Of course, this now means we need to get the sidewalk in soon. . . . . *sigh*
I guess these pics also show that the block and capstones are done for the pillar bases, too. Still needed are the thin stone veneer on the bases, the tapered columns on top, and the roof above.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Views from the Loft, Bonus Room, and Upstairs Bedrooms

Not much going on in the bonus room for now, but the two bedrooms and upstairs baths prove we ain't afraid of color!

Great Room at Kitchen

When you pass from the small (intimate?) foyer and office area, you pass through a short hall that gives access to the half-bath or the master suite. Continuing ahead, leads into the Great Room / Kitchen Area.

We're In (but far from done . . . .)

We moved in about 2 weeks ago with an OK from the inpector. We'll call him back in May when the front porch and back deck are done. There are lots of little things that need to be finished, but a few big things, too. The biggest stuff still remaining (in my mind) are kitchen counters, paint the trim, and finish the tile and grout in master bath.

In any case, I'll try and post some interior shots over the next few days.

Here are a couple of pics of the office and front entry area/foyer. Oh - the foyer is not properly trimmed out, either. We want to do that in a darker wood and are putting that off for now.