Monday, October 30, 2006

Passed Rough Framing and Mech Insp and Spray Foam Pics

As the title indicates, we passed our rough framing and mechanical inspection today. Now we can get the vapor barrier up and call in the rockers. After that, the'll blow the insulation in the attic spaces and we can fire up the heater. This could happen as early as 5-7 days from now.

We ordered a couple of 600 BF spray foam kits from TigerFoam to do the overhangs. Wow is that messy work! Even with the Tyvek suit and stuff I am struggling through some spot hair removal as I pick the pieces off of my wrists and neck.


MG said...

Did you do much research on spray foam before buying the tiger stuff? I am just wondering what the differences are between the different spray foams and haven't been able to find a comparison online anywhere. The system you used was a 2 part system correct? How did you find it, any troubles?

Thanks and great site!!! I love all the details you post on breaktime too.

jhausch said...

Just web research. The fomofoam and tiger foam are the same guy, I think. The kit is 2 part and was somewhat easy. I would hire a pro to do a larger area, but if you are going to do rimboard/joist bays or something like I did, I think it is a good solution.

I am way overdue for some new posts here or on BT. I will post a new one right now.