Friday, July 14, 2006

Forms come off tomorrow!

We saw this beautiful site when we came home from work!

(Had to climb up on the wall for some of these pics) The little kickout on the one wall will be support a future outdoor fireplace. Those walls drop 6" down from the basement walls so we can just build the deck over the top until we are ready to build it (read - afford it). We have plans for Soapstone Tulikivi woodburner on the inside someday, too. You can sort of see the footing for that on the inside of the wall.

The original plan was to just have footings and I'd later lay block up to where we need it. A friend of mine (who laid the block for my garage foundation/frost wall) told me, "you'd be a complete idiot to not let him pour that wall for the outside fireplace" and "don't call me for that one!"

They finished off the pads for the deck sonotubes and porch piers, too.

Can't wait for tomorrow!


byndq said...

What do you thing of the T-Mass system at this point? I just came across the system the other day. After contacting Dow the say they are out of the business and Thermomass has taken over. Any clue as to why a giant like Dow would get out?

I see you are in Wisconsin. I am near Rockford Illinois. I am considering the Thermomass system. Who did you have do yours? I am wondering if they would come my way to do my house this spring?

Thanks for any info.

byndq said...

Can you contact me with information.