Friday, August 11, 2006

Anybody out there?

I know that we have some family and friends checking out this blog, but I am curious who else is out there. I put a sitemeter counter up and I see that folks from all over the world have clicked over for a look-see (Cool!).

I am guessing that most click over from the updates I put on the Breaktime Forum over at If you've been checking this site on a somewhat regular basis or just clicked over from Breaktime, Thermomass, or where-ever, click on the small "X comments" link at the end of every post and let me know.

Lurking is allowed, but if you have any questions about what I am doing or why, ask away.

We hope to wrap up the interior walls this weekend.


SueEllyn Ewing said...

Dear Jock and Miss Ellie,

I see you are rebuilding South Fork. I'm so glad. I was hoping that after that episode where it caught on fire and was partially destroyed, that it would one day be restored to it's original splendor. When all is finally completed, the family will all be anxiously awaiting your call to "Come on home!" Until then--All the best to you!

Love SueEllyn and the gang(Kate/Anna/Eric)

Heath said...

Just a nosy person from breaktime looking around here.

I like the idea of the SIP construction. I'm getting ready to start building myself in a few months and am waiting for the price difference to come back.

Good looking house. I cant wait to see the progress.

jhausch said...

Thanks, Heath. Getting psyched up for another weekend of progress. Next update may come Sunday or Monday.

Anonymous said...

My husband, Kevin and I are planning a 2000 sq/ft addition using SIPS in Marland. We're very excited to see your blog. We're just in the planning stages. Currently, we're working on finding someone to draw the plans.

Tracey said...

Kevin and I would like to know the size of your project and what the cost of the SIPS package was? If you are willing to share that information.