Monday, August 28, 2006

Gables and Stairs

Not a lot of major stuff lately, but things are moving ahead.

The HVAC rough-in started today, and we finished the stairs from the first to the second floor. Those were a real head-scratcher because of the landing and doorway that will go through to the bonus room.

The distance from the first (finished floor) to the landing was divisible with a 7" rise. The distance from the landing to the second finished floor was divisible by 6-5/8". Not the best way to do a set of stairs, but it seems to be OK.

My thought was that a slightly shorter step up after a landing (going up) would be safer than a taller step. Further, on the way down and after the landing, the slightly longer step down does not seem noticeable. I am going to post this over in the Breaktime forum at the Fine Homebuilding website to see what some experts say.


Anonymous said...

Come on man!!! Update buddy!!!....

Breaktimers are wanting to see some progress here....

Looks good man. Keep it up... and keep posting pics..


jhausch said...

I know, I know. Not a lot to show. THe mechanicals are not very exciting since I'm not doing anything too special. Forced Air HVAC, Pex and PVC plumbing, etc.

The shingles did start today.

I'll get some pics up by this weekend.